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Apr 10/17

Email Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017

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Learn the 2017 email marketing trends to grow your list, to make more sales, and to engage with your audience better.

Trend #1: Double Opt-in all the way

One of 2017’s biggest trends in email marketing and list building comes from a study published in 1966 and it was found that if you can get your visitors comply with a smaller request (for example, clicking a link), then they’re far more likely to comply with a larger request (giving you their email address). And thus the two step opt-in process comes in.

On a regular pop-up that your audience didn’t ask for by clicking a link, you might expect a 2-3% conversion rate. But on a two step opt-in, you can expect a much higher conversion rate.This is what actually the Click Triggers does. Instead of just relying on inline forms to collect emails, in 2017 the trend is leaning far toward the two step spectrum.

Trend #2: Supply The Users With Valuable E-mail Content

Usually, visitors would sign up for your newsletter, and you’d send them an email a few times a month with news about your company or industry and regarding some discounts. However 2017 pushes email newsletters further into obsoletion. But the problem with the almighty newsletter is that it’s perceived value is low.

So in 2017, ditch the newsletter for an automated email series full of value and teaching your audience about something specific that they actually want to learn about.

  • Create tons of extra work for you as you have to create new content on a weekly basis

  • Exclude newcomers to your list on previous newsletter content that may have been useful to them

  • Compete with sales emails by injecting broadcast emails into your (hopefully seamless) funnels.

Trend #3: Exit Pop-ups Instead Of Distractions

Pop-ups will no longer block the user’s experience. This new generation of pop-ups will:

  • Be embedded on your website

  • Be triggered by a click on a link, image or html element like I talked about in trend #1

  • Appear when the user goes to exit the page rather than interrupt their experience.

With advanced pop-up targeting, they will actually bring your visitors deals and offers they want, rather than just spammy calls to action to get people to join your list.

Trend #4: Only Gated Content To Build Your List

NY Times website is gating their content to sell more of their digital newspaper and allow you to read 10 articles for free per month and they hit you with a pay wall. The strategy of gating content in exchange for emails is that you send them gated content in the form of your autoresponder sequence.
Gating your content works best if you show readers an excerpt that sells the content and to read more, they need to cough up their email address.

Trend #5: A Friend Like Approach For A Better User Engagement

It is advised to reduce visual clutter and give your subscribers a more personalized experience and there by increasing engagement by becoming more like a friend.

Becoming more personal deals with quizzes and segmentation and may allow you to ditch things with the impersonal, templated, company-esque emails and so on.

Branding has always been important, even when considered to smaller online businesses and you don’t need to make your brand more corporate than it is.

Trend #6: A/B Testing Is The Name Of The Game

Extensive studies had to be done to examine audiences browsing and shopping behaviors to find out whether color influenced conversions.
A/B testing allows you to test one variation against another and helping you make smarter decisions that increase your opt-ins every day. It also helps you gather data to find out exactly what your customers respond to and from button color and copy, to the size of your call to action and your offer in general.

In 2017 it will convert more of your users, so not only will A/B testing be the norm, but any email apps or email service providers that don’t provide A/B testing will have to in 2017 to stay competitive.